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Active 10

A brisk daily walk is a great excuse to get outside and improve your health.

You can start small and build up your time – you might be surprised how much you can do!

Brisk walking is simply walking quicker than usual at a pace that gets your heart pumping. Every minute of activity counts, but aim for at least 10 minutes a day. The Active 10 app is a great way to help you monitor and gradually increase your brisk walking levels over time.

You could walk part of your journey home, pop to the shops on foot, or just get some fresh air. No gym memberships and no brightly coloured Lycra needed!


Looking to challenge yourself and track your activity?

Strava turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated running and cycling computer (it works with your GPS watches and head units, too). Start Strava before an activity and you can track your favourite performance stats, and afterwards, dive deep into your data.

Or head over to our friends at the British Heart Foundation who recommend 8 other apps to use. Find one that suits you!