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What is it?

Walking for Purpose is a free walking and employment project

It aims to engage with people across Sheffield who are currently looking for employment and to increase their physical activity levels through walking, which we know has proven significant health benefits.

How does it work?

The project provides a weekly programme of walks, workshops and experiences that are co designed with the local Voluntary Community Sector in each local community.

The programmes runs in 10 week blocks with the walks followed by workshops ranging in content from building confidence and self-belief to working closely with employment providers, making the most of their skills and knowledge to ensure an effective and enjoyable project.

What are people saying about the project?

“I’ve met people. I’ve always been pretty confident in looking for work but 1 year unemployment has affected that and one thing I’ve struggled with is the people-side of it – so being able to chat to people on the walks has helped increase my confidence again” – Tim, Participant

Who is it for?

The project is open to anyone over the age of 16 and a Sheffield resident who is looking for work.

People can self-refer into the programme or be signposted from a number of employment providers.

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Walks take place on the following days, starting on Wednesday 2 October:

Every Tuesday
10.30am – 12.30pm
82nd Chapeltown Scout Hall, Burncross Road, Sheffield
S35 1RX

Every Wednesday
10.30am – 12.30pm
Firvale Community Hub, 127 Page Hall Road, Sheffield
S4 8GU

Every Thursday
11.00am – 1.00pm
St Mary’s Church,  Bramall Lane, Sheffield
S2 4QZ

What are others saying about the project?

“Walking for Purpose provides us as an employment training provider with learners who are motivated, engaged and looking to improve their skills.  Walking for Purpose breaks down those initial barriers learners have prior to starting one of our courses.  Going to a new place meeting new people and the thought of being back in a classroom can be very daunting for some people, Walking for Purpose tackles these barriers head on by providing support and guidance for those who need it most” – Tom, Employment Training Provider

“I’ve been trying to find work but some health issues have made that difficult so the walking attracted me to the project to lose weight and improve my health” Michael, Participant

“After talking with Tom from Learn Direct I enrolled on the Level 1 IT course and after that secured a month’s temping work at Sheffield Hallam University. Linking me to Learn direct made a positive change to my life which in turn led to me to have the confidence to get a job as an office manager on a 12 month contract” Terri, Participant

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