Move More Schools


Get Involved

Four easy steps to get involved in Move More 2018!

  1. Be involved in the MM Schools Launch on Wednesday 6th June
  2. Print, sign and display your Move More Pledge
    Also see the ‘Why Pledge’ infographic and send to colleagues
  3. Print and put the Move More Plaques around your playground
  4. Send the Move More Parents infographic to all parents via social media.

#MMSchools Launch

Help kick off a month of activity in June

Print the provided movement cards and as a whole school in the playground at 12:30pm on Wednesday 6th June get the kids moving for one minute using one of the cards produced.


Teacher’s Pledge

A clear link between physical activity and attainment

Your pledge and continued support is crucial in changing the sedentary behaviour of some children while at school – increasing their attainment levels and reducing the risk of health issues in later life.

What next?

  1. Download pledge and get each teacher to print and sign it and put it on wall in prominent place in school / tweet about it #MMSchools .
  2. Send out infographic to all parents and encourage to use the 4 week planner.
  3. Print, laminate and hang up playground challenge plaques around the playground.
  4. Move More 
Download & Print

Why a Teacher’s Pledge?

Find out more here and send this to colleagues

#MMSchools Activities

Download, print and laminate your activity plaques

Help your school start to Move More

Get Parents Involved

Download your parents guide below


Get Parents Involved

How to Get Parents Involved?

Children should get at least 60 minutes of activity every day, download our activity guide to help achieve this.


Even More Resources

Let’s help children ‘Move More’. Visit Twinkl Move for incredible resources, all created to help children enjoy being active.

Twinkl Move is an empowering teaching package, giving teachers a complete breadth of planning and CPD content from Reception through to Key Stage 2.

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