Move More People

Moving More has improved the lives of hundreds of people in Sheffield…
either through exercise or referral or just through everyday movement.
Here are a few examples from people in Sheffield.

Yvonne, 71 from Chapeltown

"I have always enjoyed exercise so when I suffered the heart attack last year, I thought that was it.

But just over six months on and I’m able to work out three times a week, which is incredible!

The [Move More] Exercise Referral Scheme has been brilliant, everyone is so friendly and supportive and there’s a real social atmosphere.”

Charlotte, 28 from Fox Hill

"About six years ago, I was going through a tough time at home and at work, so I turned to exercise to give me some control during the difficult period.

I was 12 and a half stone and felt unhealthy in my body and mind. I started visiting the gym and quickly began losing weight. I felt confident and more positive and I even got a promotion at work.”

Derek, 66 from Shiregreen

“Exercise has made such a difference to my life. I feel so much better, more active, and I’ve even lost weight as a result.

Seven per cent of people in Sheffield suffer from diabetes, and I fully recommend that people in a similar situation to me take part in SIV’s* scheme.”

*SIV runs an exercise referral scheme with NHS Sheffield.

Dot, 64 from Bents Green

"Running was one of the most helpful things in supporting my mental, emotional and physical health during my treatment."

In January 2014 a routine mammogram revealed I had an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Having cancer hasn’t stopped me being active and in many ways I’m more active now than before because I appreciate the importance of keeping healthy.  

Howard, 70, Cardiac Rehab Phase IV

"One of the main benefits is the confidence it gave me after my 2 strokes."

I felt that my life was about to change and would have to take things easy.

People say how well I look with the weight loss and muscle tone. I now attend the gym 3 times per week and receive instruction from my personal trainer Jenna. Because the training is variable with the muscle and cardiac exercises. The result is a whole body improvement.