Sheffield is the UK's leading destination for people seeking outdoor adventure, city culture and rural escapes.

Runners and walkers flock to its moors, ancient woods and winding valleys. Rock connoisseurs the world over know it as the country's climbing capital, while its seven hills entice road cyclists and mountain bikers alike. To top all that off, the city has more trees per person than any other in Europe, a ton of public parks, and a third of it sits within the glorious Peak District National Park.

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With its many green spaces, its proximity to the trails of the Peak District, and its friendly community of outdoor enthusiasts, Sheffield is a welcoming place for the beginner runner. We asked members of the city's running groups what advice they have for new runners in the city. 


“Walking is man’s best medicine” said Hippocrates in the 4th century BC. Well, two and a half thousand years later, we're still pretty convinced. With over 80 parks and 2 million trees, and being on the edge of the Peak District, Sheffield is the perfect place for walking. And one great way of taking to the hills on two feet today is Nordic hill walking – it combines the natural beauty that surrounds us with the benefits of fresh air, good company and motivating instructors.


If you didn't already know, Sheffield is "climbing capital of the UK", with one of the largest concentrations of climbers anywhere in the world. Surrounded by the Peak District, with its countless recorded climbing routes on boulders, edges, crags and quarries, it's no wonder that the city has become a mecca for climbing enthusiasts.