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Empower the people of Sheffield

The Move More Ambassador programme is all about empowering the people of Sheffield to Move More through the unique talents, skills and gifts that exist in communities across the Steel City! Whether you walk to the shops, cycle to the office, get off the bus a stop early or support people in their everyday life to be active you're sharing the simple message of Move More and we love you for it!  We'd like to invite you to join in with others across the City and raise awarness of the fantastic opportunities on offer in the City and to share stories of how things can be improved.

As a Move More Ambassador you'll become  part of a growing network of activators, all dedicated to encouraging people in your area to Move More. 

There will be regular meetings which you can attend and share ideas with other Ambassadors too.

The Ambassador Pack

To support Ambassadors, we have produced a pack with some templates and promotional items.

Don’t be afraid to use the Move More Logo on your own marketing and get creative! We do ask you keep the Move More logo the same colour but other than that get it used.

The Ambassador Charter

What it means to be a Move More Ambassador

Be part of the activity network in Sheffield

Ambassador Assets

Everything you need from your printed ambassadors pack

Don’t forget to shout about your success

One of the most important things about Move More is telling your story.

We want to hear and see the great work that you are doing so get it in your newsletters, email your family and friends and encourage other organisations to follow suit and request a pack!

Social media is an amazing tool for sharing ideas and promoting activities. Let’s work together using the tools in this pack to share more of the great things happening on social media. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @movemoresheff and include us in any of your tweets! Some popular hashtags to use are; #MoveMore #MoveMoreSheffield

Don't forget to shout about your success #tellyourstory